Lattice Power GaN-on-Silicon LED Technology Won the gold medal of “National Technology Invention Award”

2016-5-18 8:11:54

      On January 8th 2016, GaN-on-Silicon LED Technology, co-invented and developed by Nanchang University, Lattice Power (Jiangxi) Corporation (“Lattice Power”) and CECEP Lattice Lighting Co., Ltd (“Lattice Lighting”) won the 1st prize of“National Technology Invention Award”. Key persons of this project are professorFengyi JIANG, co-founder of Lattice Power, vice-principal of Nanchang University; Dr. Qian SUN, vice president of Lattice Power; Dr. Min WANG, co-founder and CEO of Lattice Power and co-founder of Lattice Lighting.


    The criteria for the“National Technology Invention Award”are as follows: be the original and major technical invention or innovation in China orabroad, technical and economic indexes achievingworld leading technology level, promote technology progress in the related fields and achieve significant economic or social benefits. The gold model winner is the highest achievement in its kind.

     There are three technologies to make GaN-based LEDs:sapphire substrate based technologyoriginated from Japan, silicon carbide substrate based technology originated from USA and Silicon substrate based technology from China (Nanchang University and Lattice Power).GaN-on-Silicon LED technologywas born from Nanchang University with advantages of excellent thermal property, low cost of raw materials, widely available large wafer size, etc. Due to itsexcellent reliability, superior light emitting directivity and clean emitting pattern, as well as high performance over cost, GaN-on-Silicon LED technology has been widely used in high power LED lighting applications.Based on GaN-on-Silicon LED technology, a group of 12 companies have been established, leading by Lattice Power, covering the whole LED chain of industryfrom epitaxy toLED chip, from package to lighting application. Lattice Poweris looking for more and more capital and enterprises to join this platform to further advanceGaN-on-Silicon LED technologyand bring it to ever wider range of applications into our bright future.

2009 ICP license number 36010902000112