LatticePower named in MIT Review as one of “50 Most Innovative Companies” in the world for 2011

2011-4-7 10:28:55 April 2011, LatticePower was named as one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies by Technology Review Magazine, published by the internationally renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (see tr50 / for details)。 LatticePower was selected for its development of promising new LED production technology.

LEDs, with energy efficient features, can be widely used in residential, commercial, industrial, and outdoor lighting, but they are currently quite expensive. LatticePower has developed a process for manufacturing high power LED chips on silicon which is the most abundant material in the earth. Their process is widely expected to significantly reduce production costs allowing LED’s to move beyond niche lighting and become the dominant lighting technology in the world market.

The list features companies involved in the following industries: energy, computer, network, communications, biochemistry and materials. The 50 selected companies included top international companies such as Amazon, Apple, Applied Materials, Siemens, Google, IBM, Toyota, Facebook, twitter, etc. LatticePower, as one of the three selected Chinese companies, was the only company dealing with LED technology selected to the list of 50.

Jason Pontin, Chief Editor and publisher of Technology Review magazine said “the selected top 50 companies are leaders in their respective fields and their innovative technology leads the development of the industry.” Referring to the selection criteria, he said ”we do not take the market quotas as the standard, but focus more on study the companies’ innovative ability and the influence to their industry, that is if it leads the industry trend ”

With the silicon based GaN LED technology, LatticePower breaks the monopoly of the two technology paths consisting of Nichia’s sapphire substrate technology and Cree’s silicon carbide substrate technology. LatticePower is the first company to achieve production on silicon substrate and sales LED products with its intellectual property of more than 160 self-developed patents.
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