• In an increasingly virtualized, networked, and globalized world, effective communication becomes ever more important. Today, display and backlight (especially LED backlight) are essential components of the communication and productivity devices we use every day. Mobile phones, televisions, notebooks, tablets, and automobile interfaces are all keys to the modern lifestyle.

  • Light and energy are eternal parts of our life just as they comprise the physical universe. The mission of Lattice Power is to create the best LED light sources in the world by taking full advantage of the benefits of our silicon substrate based GaN LED technology. LatticePower Corporation’s products enable better communication and greater productivity throughout the world.

  • Lattice Power has realized large-scale production of LED light bulbs through scientific discovery, technological innovation, and industrial manufacturing over many years of scientific and industrial development. This is the time of greatest technological change since the industrial revolution during which Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb in 1874. Lattice Power is proud to be contributing to the current green revolution. Our breakthrough GaN-based LEDs on silicon substrate will fundamentally change the future of the LED industry and solid-state lighting.

  • The company is backed by leading venture capitalists including GSR Ventures, Temasek Holdings, Mayfield Fund, AsiaVest Partners, and Keytone Ventures. Our products have been used in diverse applications such as LCD TV backlighting and general lighting. Our silicon-based LED technology is low-cost and easily scalable, opening the door for LED bulbs to be used in millions of households.

  • We will fundamentally change how people use general lighting in their daily lives.

  • The success of LatticePower is rooted in five key features of the corporation:

  • 1.A Global Management and Technology Team;
  • 2.Internal Technological Innovation;
  • 3.Venture Financed Corporate Structure and Incentives;
  • 4.Market-centric Product Development;
  • 5.Continuous Improvement.

  • LatticePower, using revolutionary technologies to enable the next generation of world class solid state lighting companies, proudly from China.
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